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  • How to have page numbers start on page 3 using MS Word for Mac.

Unless you number the pages, how can you put your document together again if you drop it on the sidewalk and the wind scatters the pages hither and yon? Choose options to determine how the pages are numbered and what page numbers look like:. Show on First Page: Turn this option off to keep a page number from appearing on the first page.

How to Lay Out a Word Document on the iPad

On the submenu, choose whether to put page numbers on the top or bottom of the page. On the submenu, choose where in the header or footer you want the page number to appear. The Inside option places page numbers next to the binding; the Outside option places page numbers away from the binding.

To remove page numbers, return to the Page Numbers menu and turn off the Numbering option. A header is descriptive text along the top of the page; a footer is descriptive text along the bottom.

To include page numbers in a header or footer, use the Page Numbers command. M-F Blog:: Write for the blog Writing a Quality Post. Using "current position" with page numbers in Mac version of Word.

How to Lay Out a Word Document on the iPad - dummies

I just wanted to put the word "Page" before the page number - easy to do in Windows version using "current position" option, but not available in Mac version. Worked around this by inserting page number, double clicking on frame around page number with 4-sided arrow and selecting "remove frame" button. It then put page number inline as text, but still allowed me to put a space before it and add additional text and format everything together.

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  8. Unfortunately, some of the many useful features that are in Word for the PC are missing in Word for the Mac. However, the latest version of Office has restored some of those once missing features to the Mac version.

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    The bad news is that they are only available with the Office version and not the stand alone Mac version of Office Our thanks to Microsoft for being such clods about this. I use Word on my MacBookPro. You can put this in a header with the word "Page" or anything else before the field. For my work I need "Page of " and I haven't found a way to do it in Mac Word, but if open a document with these fields which has been made in PC Word it works fine.

    So I just copy it to my Mac Word document.

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    Members have access to different forum appearance options, and many more functions. Remember Me? Results 1 to 3 of 3. How to make Page Numbers default Word doc.

    I am using Word for Mac. I always want page numbers, but I always need to select it from the Insert menu. Is there a way to make this the default so I don't have to manually select it every time? I have tried this: