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Each block represents a file; similar files are represented using similar colors. The result is like a busy Mondrian painting on your screen. Click any block to see its size and location on your disk. Then, right- or Control-click the block to reveal it in the Finder, delete it immediately, open it, or use Quick Look to see its contents. If your startup disk is nearly full, try either of these apps to make hunting down large files and folders faster and easier.

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And to then be expected to purchase another App to put it right is a joke. As far as iTunes goes — it must be the worst piece of software ever designed — a complete mess. Tip 3 is not quite right. The asterisk wildcard does not work in Spotlight. Then it will work as described.

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Then sync your iPhone and iPad with your Mac and the only backups that will be on your Mac are the most recent ones. Should you need one of the older backups, you can move them back from the external disk into the above folder to make them available to iTunes.

Spring Cleaning: Use Spotlight To Find Huge Files [OS X Tips]

This freed up almost 20 GB for me. I was going nuts! Thanks, H! This was really useful, thanks. I was slightly surprised to see when I had followed a lot of this through that according to the info from the apple menu I had less free space than I had when I started. Took me a couple of minutes to figure out what Time Machine was doing! Might be worth mentioning to save others from the same moment of head scratching.

Great tips! Do you know how to delete devices from the hard drive?

How to send large files with your Mac

I downloaded a program for school SofTest and used the uninstall; however, the white disk is still in my computer. I can eject or compress, but cannot move it to trash.

How to free up storage by finding and deleting large files you don’t need on your Mac | Macworld

Great info, and very helpful. I trust that Mike is enjoying his new PC, complete with the blazingly-fast version of WinDoze that comes pre-loaded with the mind-boggling Windows Media Player and numerous variants of blue screens that are always a delightful surprise.

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How to Find Large Files on Your Mac

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