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Freeze Top Row 3. Freeze First Column I have tried all kinds of work-arounds with no luck. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone have a suggestion? When is MS going to fix this glitch?

Freezing Several Rows / Panes In Excel On A MAC

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question So select Unfreeze Panes. Select the row below the last row that you want to freeze.

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Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? Make sure heading row consists of only ONE row. I did not see it mentioned in the lesson and was frustrated when the freeze did not work but I was working in "Page Layout" view and when I switched to "Normal" view it worked just fine.

If you freeze the header row in "Normal" view and then try to switch to "Page Layout" view a warning pops up saying that you will lose the freeze. Hi, thanks a lot for the detailed steps!

How to freeze rows in Excel

I can confirm these steps will work in Excel for Mac I know how disheartening it is when someone reads something useful on a website or blog and then just leaves. So I thought I would take a quick moment and leave a comment letting you know that this is just what I needed to help me with my Excel spreadsheet. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this and share with the internet! Many Thanks! I've looked for this solution a lot of time!

Skip to main content. Search form Search. Freeze or lock rows and columns in an Excel worksheet. Microsoft Excel. Why you might need to freeze rows or columns in your spreadsheet Imagine you have a spreadsheet that contains sales data for January. The worksheet contains daily data that reports the sales for each person in your sales team, broken down by products sold: This example actually has 85 rows of data the table carries on down further than this screenshot shows: Once you scroll down, however, the heading row disappears off the top of the screen, and you can no longer be sure what each column contains: This is a simple example, but it's not hard to imagine that with a lot more columns and rows, the problem would get considerably more complex, To solve the problem, you can freeze or lock the heading rows so that they don't disappear off the top of the screen as you scroll down the worksheet.

How to freeze columns in Excel

The proces for doing this is slightly different between Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac, so I've covered both here: How to freeze rows and columns You have two options for freezing panes in Excel. Note that these steps also apply to freezing columns: If you wanted to freeze the first column, you would then go back and choose that option.

The screenshot below is from Excel for Windows.

MS Excel for Mac: Freeze first row and first column

In the Mac version of Excel the options are the same, but you don't get the explanations of each option that you see here: Things get slightly more complicated if you want to freeze more than one row or column. If you look at the first screenshot in this lesson, you'll see that the first row doesn't actually contain the headings for the sales data table - it contains the title of this worksheet. To freeze the heading row of the table, you will have to freeze the first five rows in the worksheet.

To do this, click in the cell A6 i. When you do this, not much will appear to change. All you'll see is a line stretching across the screen, almost like a border along the bottom of row 5 which is the last row to be frozen in our example. The screenshot shows what Freeze Panes looks like if you had clicked B6 before clicking Freeze Panes i.

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Here's what the sales data table looks like if you scroll down. As you can see, the first five rows have stayed put, and the other rows have disappeared underneath them as I've scrolled down the screen: How to unfreeze panes in Excel Unfreezing panes is, fortunately, fairly simple: The first option, which was Freeze Panes, is now Unfreeze Panes. Click that option and the frozen rows will be unfrozen. In Excel for Mac, choose the Layout menu and choose Unfreeze Panes for some reason, it's a separate option which only becomes available once you have frozen panes.

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