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When I do similar testing of equipment, however, I will always test a very large number of classical music excerpts, since in audio my goal is to have a setup that sounds good with everything as opposed to stupendous with some material and horrible with other material. Nonetheless, these tests are always fun, educational and interesting.

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We have a difference of opinion, that doesn't mean I haven't thought through what I said. I compare this gear as my job and this is the conclusion I have reached. That doesn't make either of us wrong or shortsighted. Don't dismiss my opinion as not carefully thought out without knowing whats behind it.

The position is that the piece of gear actually has to be in your systems signal chain to evaluate it. I don't think "recordings" of audio gear are useful, thats all. If these shootouts are fun for readers then great but I don't think it really says anything about the performance of these dacs in a real world situation. Search form Search. Analog Corner. News News Analog Gear News. Primary tabs View active tab Results Vote. Analog to Digital Converter Shootout: All Files Now Corrected and Available. So please listen to all files and vote for your favorite! This is a trade-off I accept because of the open sound of the cable compared to better shielded cables that are not as open.

Choices File "1". File "2". File "3". File "4".

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File "5". File "6". File "7". They All Sound Identical to Me. Leave this field blank. Log in or register to post comments. Problem fixed. There are other sound quality differences readily apparent I can comment on later. The Files were normalized Submitted by Michael Fremer on Thu, AND figure out where the others went Swap re-recorded Submitted by Michael Fremer on Thu, There is some hum on some tracks. It's really not an issue related to the test I think we need some cable tests around here soon!

Oh boy Submitted by Jazzfan62 on Fri, Nothing like a cable discussion to get the juices flowing. Submitted by reuben on Sat, Regards, -reub. Very Odd! Submitted by Rick Tomaszewicz on Thu, Tracks 1 and 7 had their channels swapped compared to the others. Did you bump the turntable on track 5?

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It skipped. Both track 6 and 5. Track 5 Submitted by Michael Fremer on Fri, The unedited file was accidentally posted. It has been replaced with the edited version. Hmmmmm Submitted by Michael Fremer on Fri, I think my definition of SOTA is pretty sound.

No pun intended. With all due respect, everytime you do one of these shootouts you have tons of glitches. And be nice to Neil Young, will ya? The LP version has yet to be released. Test pressings are not indicative of the final version, which will be re-cut at 45rpm. The LP version is from analog tape. Which people prefer is will be a matter of preference just as which format people prefer is a matter of preference.

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An unedited file was accidentally posted. It's been replaced. The one at the wrong speed was due to something wrong with the converter not because I played the record at the wrong speed. I'm investigating that now. The Producer Just Told Me Submitted by Michael Fremer on Sat, That the DSD files you heard were produced from the original analog tape. The performances were not recorded to DSD. The peak at 2: Think about it?

Submitted by my new username on Fri, Submitted by Michael Fremer on Fri, And what is the point of anything for that matter? Vidbox Video Conversion for Mac is a very straightforward, no-frills affair. The software then walks you through a couple of setup screens to choose a connection type and get everything plugged in. Pro tip: Fast-forward to determine the length before recording, which also helps exercise older tapes before playback. Capturing is done in real-time, so a two-hour tape takes the same amount of time to convert.

During this time, you can watch playback on your Mac display double-click the monitor window to go full-screen , or adjust the incoming volume level if needed. The resulting x QuickTime files can be opened, synced to iOS devices via iTunes, imported to iMovie for editing, or saved to other applications by dragging and dropping from the preview window. There are no settings for capturing frame rates other than When a recording is finished, Vidbox offers a few one-click ways to do more than just watch your videos.

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Vidbox Video Conversion for Mac is an affordable way to archive analog videotapes, assuming you still have an old camcorder or VCR around to play them from. Take Control of Digital TV. HD camcorders: