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The focus on Access apps does have a few drawbacks for those seeking older database tools. It is possible that these features were rarely used in the version, but it would have been better if Microsoft improved these tools instead of omitting them.

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You can still use Microsoft Access to create standalone databases instead of Access apps, but there are not handy tutorials and templates to guide new users. Data creation is entered from either the toolbar or corresponding hotkeys.

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  • Download Microsoft Access for Mac - Best Software & Apps.

The main tools such as Table, Query, and Form all return, along with new menus to quickly list different SharePoint and Access apps. The look and feel of Access apps depend on which template you select.

Microsoft Access - Download

Some of them are better suited for displaying timesheets or orders, but might be a poor choice for graphs and charts. All of the fields and interface will depend on the template you select. The app is tailored for sharing your database and apps with all of your business partners. While this is useful on a large stable network, it can cause problems if you are ever disconnected from the cloud and have to edit data offline.

You can still work on local Access apps while offline, though you will have to connect to the cloud if you want to upload and transfer to a collaborative app. Thankfully, Microsoft Access has many tools and prompts to easily import data from local apps, Access , or Excel into an online Access app or database. The app is color coordinated to help highlight key menus and notifications.

The majority of Access app templates create a sleek web app that looks very similar to Outlook. Microsoft Access generally functions quickly, even when working on many complex projects. Collaborative Access apps open in your default web browser , and functions in multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome.

How To Install MySQL on Mac OS X

Access functions Local Access apps have a similar look and feel, though you don't have to be online to use and edit them. Updates to Microsoft Access are great for connecting your business into a single connected database. The version removes some functionality from the version and is geared towards SkyDrive and SharePoint integration. If you are ready to move forward and leave old tools behind Microsoft Access is an excellent upgrade.

It is easy to use and fast for prototyping with loads of ready made systems available.

13 Best Access Alternatives & Database Software For Mac

And it has great sql wizards. Download Alternatives to LibreOffice. FileMaker Pro Download Alternatives to FileMaker. Articles about Microsoft Access Are personality tests keeping people out of work? How to design a great open world game.

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Level up your pay with these 8 free! Smogon and varying formats. However, MDB Explorer has limitations. You can try a free trial of MDB Explorer first before deciding whether to buy.

Turn your database into an Access web app

It also reads all formats from MDBLite is the simplest but most limited option of the lot. It only works with Access files — it does not work with or higher. The only way to open Access files with MDBLite is to export them to format and convert that file instead. MDBLite is however very easy to use. FileMaker Pro is one of the bestselling and most powerful database creation tools on Mac and also works on Windows.

Filemaker is actually owned by Apple and as a result looks and works great on Mac.

Download Microsoft Access for Mac - Best Software & Apps

FileMaker Pro is suitable for a wide range of database needs such as managing clients, employee databases, managing projects, tracking inventory etc. FileMaker does not support direct importing of MS Access files. Filemaker Pro is also complemented by the FileMaker Go iPad and iPhone app which allows you to collaborate on projects and modify databases on the move or manage stock more effectively in the workplace instead of using lots of Excel sheets.

You can even try it for free and see how well it works in accessing and retrieving data from your Access database. LibreOffice — Base is a free open source solution to create databases on Mac and part of the excellent LibreOffice free office suite which is a free alternative to Microsoft Office on Mac. Although its very basic, it does allow you to view and export data including Access database formats from to Tap Forms is a user friendly database manager designed specifically for Mac. Tap Forms makes it easy to create databases for accounts, recipes, inventories and more.

You can include things like images, audio recordings and links to other database files.

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You can try a free trial of Tap Forms before you buy. It goes beyond just database creation though and can easily be used as a powerful but easy to use CRM software for Mac and even as a project management software for Mac. Compared to most database software on Mac, Ninox makes it very easy to create databases and tables, customize layouts and collaborate with other team members on creating databases.

One way it does this is by providing templates for different tasks such as timesheet tracking, real estate databases and even listing recipes. Even when handling tens of thousands of entries, Ninox handles things superbly for a database software in this price range.

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