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C Cosmetics are in the niche market where the target market is only female, of all ages and ethnicity. C sells a lot of different make-up products. C products focusses on their ingredients where the products are safe to use by any one. The safety tests are run by a collaboration of science experts across numerous places to ensure the quality and excellence of all the products are brought to the market. C Cosmetics has developed to be a two billion dollar brand and by many is considered as a 'path to success'. Products are priced slightly higher than other competing products, although customers do not mind to pay more for the assurance of an excellent product.

However, due to high prices of certain product, average individuals are unable to reach them, comparing to L'Oreal, Benefit or Revlon who's prices are on standard and low-priced. The high variety of products and colours makes M. C very desirable and easy selling. The prices vary across the products: C offers occasional sales and promotions and offers complementary products which is defined as Product Line Pricing.

Their prices are comparable to competitors which focuses mainly on customer satisfaction. The company uses multi-segment pricing as their strategy to target more customers, all achieved by supplying a wide variety of desired products. That is why M. There's this deal at M. C, when you purchase and finish 6 M. C products you can return it back to the store and you'll receive a free lipstick. Cosmetics often give out free samples to customers at checkout in store and online. If an employee is helping a customer in store, and they end up not purchasing anything, the employee might give out custom samples to that person to try to convince them.

Aids fund" where all of their Viva Glam lipsticks proceeds will go to people fighting aids. They get celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, etc, to create their own Viva Glam lipstick so the public will buy them and help support the cause. For the fact that M.

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C where it is standing now. C was originally created to target the artists and photographers due to its artistic nature. First ever M. C store opened in in Greenwich Village. Nowadays the brand owns over independent stores in over 70 countries, with over 30 stores in Malaysia itself, bringing an annual turnover of over 1 million dollars.

C Cosmetics as an exclusive brand uses direct distribution as a channel between the company and customers. Highly glamorous and recognisable stores look very similar around the globe.

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C focuses on building a close relationship with their customers. As a part of excellent customer service mac provides face to face consultations and make up lessons and application in stores.

Those services can be booked directly through the official website or by the phone when it isn't available online. C's high product standard they are not afraid of on line shopping if it comes to their favourite makeup brand. Stores on line offer a huge amount of products coming in all shapes and sizes. The menu is crystal clear and simple which helps with a shopping process. Competitive industries are likely to attract many firms which will strive to capture a market share Aaker, This is likely to reduce the overall profitability of firms which are present in the industry.

In order for firms to enjoy long term profitability, they should develop customer loyalty within their industry. This will ensure that although new firms enter an industry, their market share is unaffected since customers have faith on their products. Development of customer loyalty is achieved through innovating new products which meet the unique market needs.

The cosmetic industry has a low threat of new entrants. This is due to several factors. The first is the huge costs of entry. Developing unique cosmetic products requires a lot of resources both in terms of research and development and the actual manufacturing process. Few middle and small scale firms have access to the funds and expertise required to perform this effectively.

Another factor which discourages entry into this industry is the huge competition present in the industry. In addition to the huge competitors such as Avon, Revlon, Clinique, Estee Lauder, LR, Sephora and Unilever, who have a large market share, there are many other small scale competitors who also have a small market share and who reduce the overall profitability of firms in the industry. This factor analyses the power which consumers have in manipulating price changes due to shifts in demand Aaker, When consumers have a high bargaining power, the manufacturers and sellers may not adequately predict future demand by the market.

This may make them unable to achieve long term profitability due to unpredictable demand patterns. The cosmetic has a high bargaining power of customers. This is due to the increase competition and availability of cosmetic products from a variety of manufacturers. Since these products have high substitutes, then it is possible for consumers to force manufacturers to reduce their product prices through purchasing those of their competitors. This is a challenge which manufacturers of cosmetic products face across the world.

Suppliers who have a high bargaining power are able to influence price changes through using techniques such as market manipulation through hoarding and restraining supply.

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Although some of these strategies are illegal in many countries, suppliers usually apply them when they want to effect price changes Diller et. The cosmetic industry has a low bargaining power of suppliers. This is due to the high number of market players and large supply of diverse products to the market. There are many cosmetic products which are developed by both large and small scale manufacturers.

Due to the huge supply, consumers have the power to influence the market prices as opposed to the suppliers. When consumers have access to substitute products which can satisfy their market needs, then manufacturers and suppliers lose their bargaining power. Consumers are able to purchase competitor's products if they are not satisfied with product price or quality.

In order for suppliers to tackle the challenge of threat of substitutes, they have to innovate products which meet the needs of their target market segments Keller, In the cosmetic industry, there are many competitors as has been discussed. There is therefore a high threat of substitute products. If manufacturers sell their products at higher prices, or if the products are of low quality, then consumers are able to purchase substitutes from the many competitors who are present in the market environment Gregory, It is therefore essential for the market players in the cosmetic to be innovative if they are to tackle the challenge of the threat of substitute.

C Brand, which falls under the parent company of Estee Lauder, from the year to shows that, the brand performance has a huge improvement with the over the years. This shows that, all their efforts in order to advertise the product and maintain their position shows a positive sign. Over the last half-decade, cosmetics and toiletries has shown itself to be one of the most resilient industries around, with beauty brands commanding high levels of recognition, admiration and loyalty among consumers.

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According to Stickyeyes research,MAC Cosmetics is the most prominent colour cosmetics brand on social media, dominating a sector that is largely struggling to effectively engage consumers. However, whilst there is little to separate the strategies of the leading brands, there is a notable difference between the third and fourth most effective brands, highlighting a significant disparity in the strategies of colour cosmetics brands. Experian Marketing Service, The beauty industry sector continues to see its e-commerce market grow.

The beauty industry even though highly competitive, is a very lucrative market for those who can attract the needed website traffic, convert them into shoppers, and loyal fans of the brand. As per the pie chart, M. Cosmetics, has a online market share growth of 4.

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  5. The enhanced information published in combination with the convenience of shopping online through e-commerce sites has helped to increase the e-commerce sales growth for the M. C products. C is an innovative company, the brand loves to make people feel and look good on the inside and the outside, and it has experienced great success by evolving to stay relevant. It is easy for M. C to stay close to its customers and never lose touch with them, mainly through their advertisement online, on many websites and their own official website.

    The brand has used effective brand management planning to reclaim the brand and to turn around. The fact that M. C is for everyone means that there should be also diverse type of advertisement aimed at different type of customers, public want to have realistic understanding of the products and some believe that graphics and photography might be professionally Photoshopped to make the products visually more exciting.

    Nowadays, it is not enough just to develop a beautiful package and to brand the product.

    It is important to give an idea to the package that customers are ready to pay more for this package. Packaging plays a strategic role for any brand, and it can be called as a fundamental marketing component. The objective of the package is to attract customers and instil confidence for products. There is no sense of talking about packaging design without other components of brand.

    Only a smart mix of these factors together with systematic promotion of the product at the market will contribute into trademark evolution into a unique brand. The MAC cosmetics brand has experienced great success by evolving to stay significant, developing effective positioning in terms of core values, brand personality, advertisement and customer relationships as well as constantly delivering the brand promise over time. Retrieved from https: Retrieved from http: Brand Analysis: MAC Cosmetics.

    Works Cited Brands: Retrieved October 19, , from http: Millennials and Beauty: Serving the Eye of a New Generation of Beholders. Retrieved October 22, , from http: Retreived October 15, , from http: Question Forum. Can someone please answer this question if you can? I'm not sure where you are, but the cost in Japan seemed on par with the cost in the US once you convert the currency. Thankyou so much Aurora your wonderful! Thanks s lot.

    There is actually a Mac in the Tachikawa train station. MAC Cosmetics. No Answer Yet. Mac Cosmetics. Mac pro. Shipping offer not applicable to Pro members. Place order prior to 3: Please note, due to the volume of orders, processing may take business days.

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