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X-Lite for Mac softphone has all standard telephone features, including: Speakerphone and Mute. Redial, Hold, Do Not Disturb. Call history -- list of received, missed, and dialed calls.

To use Zoiper you will need:

Three-party conferencing. Managed contact list. Automatic detection and configuration of audio and video devices. Acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, voice activity More Acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, voice activity detection. Support for the following audio codecs: Support for the following video codecs: X-Lite switches the codec within a call in response to changing network conditions. Compliance to SIP standard. Presence via your SoftPhone.

X-Lite Softphone: Free VoIP SIP Softphone: Voice, Video, IM | CounterPath

You can see the presence of any contact who also has a SoftPhone. IM via your SoftPhone.

You can send IMs to any contact who has a SoftPhone. For more information on SoftPhone.

Free Softphones for Macs

Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details. Softphone clients for Macintosh computer MAC users are available for free download.

Install and Configure Zoiper Softphone on Windows

These 2 V oIP soft clients are software applications that can be used with Macs. Unfortunately, our third MAC softphone, the Jacken IAX soft client which was about as small of a softphone as you will find, at KB, seems to have closed down its site and we have removed this softphone link. You will find more information at each softphone's site where you can download each for free. Whether you are looking to add a client to your Asterisk installation or to connect up to a BOYD service, these VoIP soft clients, which are for the Macintosh operating system, should help make the connection.

With lots of features, including STUN support, as well as, T38 support for faxing, this client looks like it will fill the needs for many users. Some VoIP soft client applications give you the ability to change the look and feel, to customize. Depending on the softphone, you can connect with varying protocols, two of which, SIP and IAX, have gained in use over the last few years.

Then you can set the codecs that the client uses, from non-compressed to compressed codecs, depending on the client's features. VoIP Mechanic has grouped other softphones for Linux and Windows together which will help you get one that is right. Many softphones allow certain customization including the look and feel of the GUI phone itself.

Remotely configurable via QR code, no hassle setup.

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Configure your own extension via email. The 3CX Apps are compatible with: Mac OS User Manual.

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Admin Manual. Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment: Get the ISO. On-Premise for Windows as a VM. Download the setup file.