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Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Drag and drop function not working. Thread starter LexKitten Start date May 15, LexKitten Registered May 15, I can't drag images from websites and drop them in folders on my desktop.

I can't drag songs from iTunes.

Drag and drop function not working.

I can't drag things from one side of my desktop to the other. I select them, and then they just won't move. This feature was working fine yesterday. What have I done?? Could I have accidentally deleted the drag function? I use OSX Thanks, Lex.

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Last edited: May 16, Should I do an Archive and Install? I've never done a re-install of OSX I have attempted to delete the Finder Preferences com.

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This is a second hand mac, so the previous user could have deleted them? I also tried to find and delete these files in single user mode, but my computer skills failed me and I couldn't navigate to the folder. Is a re-install the only way? Check your mouse settings in system preferences! There is probably something wrong with the mouse button s.

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Try this to see if it brings back your drag'n'drop functionality. Delete the. For Tiger or Leopard: Is there a list of defaults somewhere on the Net?

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Unable to use Drag & Drop on macOS High Sierra | AppleVis

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. DivineMsEm Registered Jul 27, I suddenly lost the ability to drag and drop and copy and paste. I've looked up previous threads and have done what they suggested to no avail. I've restarted finder; rebooted the computer; repaired disk permissions; and tried to trash the cache file "com. There are at least 3 different ways to do those functions. Edit menu 2. If using a two button mouse, right click Which of these methods is not working or are all not working?

Actually, none of them were working. I cleared out all the cache and preferences that I could think of that wouldn't cause any harm to the comp or any programs, then rebooted, and somehow that solved the problem. I guess it was some weird preference somewhere that caused Finder to freak out. Thanks for your help, though! MisterMe Registered Jul 27, DivineMsEm said: I am having the same problem. Two days ago, I suddenly couldn't drag and drop anymore, from ANY application.

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  • I found a few threads that deal with this but no real solution. The OS and model don't seem to be the issue. Can't copy, paste, drag, drop. Icons can be clicked on and selected but can't be moved. Can still search for files by clicking in the search bar in the folder window. Photoshop will now exit. Maybe related, last week the Entourage database was damaged and had to be rebuilt after only 4 months of use. In Word I get 'There is not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation'.

    In Entourage - no message but it doesn't work. Motion - movies can be imported via import but CAN'T drag and drop within the app. I'm hesitant to do a clean install, it may fix the problem but it only seems to work for a short while. I'd like to run a disk utility from a MBP running Can I do this?

    Can't Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste

    Or is there something else I shoud try? Rafael V Registered Aug 11, Im having the exactly same problem here, the problems began shortly after updating some minor Apple softwares itunes, isomething, ietc and now i'm stuck. I'm afraid to reinstall everything cause i'm not familiar with Macs started using 1 week ago, since i got this Mac and i can't lose all the documents and data here. And i cant back them up cause i cant copy nor drag anything!

    Rafael V Registered Aug 12, Only made it worst, i couldn't reinstall the OS X that came with the computer cause now i had a newer version!

    Imported all settings, applications and files. Rafael V Registered Aug 14, The problem is, even with an external HD, you probably won't be able to backup any file. Unless you share your entire hard drive and acess your Mac from another computer on your network. If you have enough space in your hard drive, just partition and then import all settings from the "old" OS X after you reinstall on the new partition.