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The answer to the best photo editor question used to be easy — get Photoshop.

Part 2: Best 4 Online Photo Editors for Beginners

Mac and PC Image-editing: Yes Cataloguing: No Raw conversion: Yes Preset effects: No Image layers: Yes Plug-in version: The only way to get Photoshop now is via an Adobe subscription. Things just got confusing. Yes Raw conversion: Yes Image layers: No Plug-in version: Where Photoshop is for detailed manipulation, Lightroom concentrates on image organisation and regular photo enhancements. Now, though, there are two versions. Lightroom and Photoshop are the perfect double-act.

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One takes care of organising and enhancing your photos while the other handles any more complex layers-based image manipulation. It feels a bit more ponderous and complicated than the cloud-based Lightroom CC, but it is more powerful and does support plug-ins. Expensive but beautiful, Capture One is a direct rival to Lightroom and pitched firmly at professionals. Capture One covers almost exactly the same territory as Adobe Lightroom Classic, offering cataloguing tools, seamless raw processing, manual image enhancement tools alongside preset effects and a non-destructive workflow that means you can revisit your adjustments at any time.

It also has a better system for applying local adjustments, using adjustment layers and masks. Affinity Photo will bring the tools, but you have to bring the vision. On paper, Elements 19 ticks all the boxes, just like previous annual releases.

Best photo editor 12222: 10 options to kickstart your creativity

It offers quite a lot of the photo-editing power of Photoshop wrapped up in a novice friendly interface with quick fixes, guided edits and an Expert mode for more experienced users. Those sections can then be manipulated to look like oil and watercolor paints. Serif PhotoPlus is an excellent tool to restore scanned old photos.

It has functionalities that enable you to remove scratches, creases, marks, and other defects. As photo editing technology advances, along with customer demands, look for more tools to be offered in the photography community. Remember, this list is just for starters! Check out of these awesome photo editing apps and bring life to your image. What software did you find easiest to use when starting out?

12 Best Photo Editors for Beginners [Windows/Mac/Online]

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    Please follow this link for more info. Start Trial Account login. Start Trial Account. Software Updates. In fact, you only need one that: Organizes and imports your photos Enables you to perform basic adjustments Has an adequate selection of filters and effects Allows you to share your photos Based on these basic requirements, we have come up with a list of some cool photo editing tools for novice photographers.

    Software Updates

    Adobe Photoshop Elements Ideal for beginner and intermediate photographers, this photo editing software is a simpler version of its big brother, the industry-grade Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom This no-nonsense image processor has become a standard editing tool for novice and professional photographers. Corel Paintshop Pro One of the favorites of both novices and professionals, Corel Paintshop has a myriad of photo editing functions and tools that are easy to use. Grow Your Photography Business Increase your sales and free up your evenings for friend and family time. Devon Devon came to PhotoUp with a background in digital marketing and communications.


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