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If you just need to see if the hidden account is on the Mac, then you can use the following command to list all accounts with a UID higher than Express for Mac Tips and Tricks.

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New to the Community? Start Here. This is a repost of the same article found on The Centrify Apple Guys blog here: It's likely that this is because the period also stops the user from being listed in the Directory Service directory list: Login as your regular Local Admin, open the Terminal and run the command: Make sure not to login as that newly created user yet!

Once the user appears in the list on the left, right-click on the name and select "Advanced Options Name and password This will ensure that the name and password box is immediately available without having to press the "Other Logout and login as the hidden user Change it to the username and password style to type it in and log in without restart.

Once you log in the first time, you can change it back to list style, or you can just restart. Hope this helps someone else!

How to Create Users in Mac OS X Lion

This script will create a user of your choice using your credentials. The user will not show up in the login window until a restart. Users Prints users. The meat of the script. These are the commands that create the user with your specified credentials. I followed this guide, and it all seemed to work. But when I restarted apache I got: PHP Startup: Any ideas? When i run your script above on But still, it doesnt load any users, or a Login window.

I really miss my computer and the delightful voice of Vicky telling me the time every half an hour.. Creating a new user from the command-line and How to: Add a user from the OS X command line, works with Leopard! Thanks a million! How to: Did you manage to get this working? I also have a need to remove a local account from the Admin group. Filevault has locked me out.

Can't Access Any of Your User Accounts? You Can Still Create a New Admin Account

Just read this lot, rather late. Quick comments on shell script usage of grep etc.

How to Create an Admin Account on any Mac OS X Computer

Also, when reading password, use stty -echo and stty echo e. I was just going to copy the config from another account, but this gives a good example. September 17, September 18, 1: There is a guide for a standard-type user account here: It may be easier to install the free OSX server tools. Thanks Rusty, but in single user mode how does one invoke the script, and where should it be stored for the. If I save the. The scripts works? I have a PowerBook G4, but the user is a standar user….

AppleSetupDone tell me that this file is read only mode…. If this were on StackOverflow or apple. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Zamgar says: October 30, at NB says: October 31, at 3: November 5, at 6: November 10, at 6: Pim says: November 13, at 4: November 14, at 5: Ivan says: November 21, at 2: Rusty Myers says: December 7, at 8: So my fundamental problem is that Lion isn't letting me log in.

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I have another recent thread on that topic but I don't have a link handy. In summary I have my password, can confirm it is correct, but can't log in to the GUI safe mode or not, neither works. Since I have my password maybe I can do something anyway? You can change the password to see if that will work. Boot to the Recovery HD.

From the Utilities menu select Terminal. At the terminal prompt enter: Follow instructions to change your password. See if that lets you log into your account. I've successfully changed my password already. That did not help. I hate to be a nit-picker but I asked a very specific question for a reason reason: I've tried a bunch of things already that I don't care to reiterate here. Let's try to stick to the topic of creating a new admin user. If you don't want to reiterate then expect we will ask what we don't know until you iterate it. However, I'm disinclined to continue because of your rudeness.

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Nov 30, 4: Please accept my apology and hopefully the excuse that being without my computer and on a tiny screen for so long is killing my mood. Anyway, I really am sorry.

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  • I would have put a link to my other post if I could have. Since it is now worth my extra effort, here are two relevant threads to my overall problem where I'd consider this thread an attempt to find a path to one possible answer:. My fundamental problem is that I'm having a login-loop. I've actually got 4 user accounts on my machine, but I've only got the password to 1 of them. I've been to the genius bar, they gave up. I have a Time Machine backup from about 5 days before my problem happened, but I don't want to revert to that for a number of reasons, the most prominent being that I'll lose certain stuff I've done in the past few days and the second most prominent being the amount of effort it would require to find all my content manually which is probably tied for how much effort it would take for me to re-install Lion from scratch and then re-install all my various software.

    I can't find any links at the moment, but I've read a nubmer of blog and forum posts from people with similar issues who came to the eventual conclusion, "oh, you just create a new admin user, then figure out what's wrong with your user once your logged in. Either one of my startup items is bad or something in OSX that changed with the last software update is causing a problem. I'd really like to get admin access to the actual OS where "actual"!