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I'm seeing a DowloaderHelper tab in my top menu bar, but don't understand how to do the rest. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest. How To: Generate random numbers with decimals in Excel How To: Print double-sided and reverse printing order in Word How To: However, if you do that, you should set the video to start automatically, or you will never see the video play during the slide show.

How to embed a Youtube video into Power point using a Mac.

On the ribbon, on the Playback tab, select the Loop Until Stopped check box. On the ribbon, on the Playback tab, select the Rewind After Playing check box. To show or hide the media controls Play, Pause, Captions, Volume during your presentation, do the following:. Set this option before adding any animations to your movie. By changing this option, you will remove any animations that are associated with your movie.

Set the 'Playback' options for a video in your presentation - Office Support

On the slide, click the movie that you want to change, and then click the Format Movie tab. Under Movie Options , on the Start pop-up menu, click Automatically.

You can play a movie so that it fills the entire slide screen when you deliver your presentation. Depending on the resolution of your original movie file, it might appear distorted, blurry, or fuzzy when you enlarge it. Always preview your movie before you include it in your presentation so that if the video appears distorted or blurry, you can undo the full screen option.

Microsoft PowerPoint Adding Video and Sound (Mac)

If you set the movie to be displayed full screen and it's also set to start automatically, you can drag the movie frame off the slide into the gray area so that it won't be visible on the slide or flash briefly before the movie goes to full screen. While delivering your presentation, you can hide the movie until you are ready to play it.

However, you should add an animation effect to initiate playback or you will never see the movie play during the slideshow. For more information, see Animate text and objects. To stop the looping movie during the slide show, click on the movie or click.

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You can hide the media controls if you don't want them to appear during the slide show. The media controls are located on the toolbar under the movie. Use these controls to play or pause the movie, see how long the movie is and its progress while playing, skip forward or back, or adjust the volume.

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Insert and play a video file from your computer. Resize or change the visual appearance of a movie. Insert media into your document. Play a video in the click sequence, automatically, or when clicked.

Embedding Video in PowePoint 2007 (PC) or 2008 (Mac)

On the slide, click the video frame. Choose one of the following: Low Medium High Mute Tip: The movie will be centered and will appear on the slide as freeze frame. The movie image can be resized, using "handles" on the corners of the image to make it smaller or larger.

How to Insert YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentations on Mac and PC?

Keep in mind that a larger size will probably be more blurry. A special tool will become available in the ToolBox for the selected movie.

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  • Set the 'Playback' options for a video in your presentation.
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In the tool you can change several features of the movie's presentation, including:. To use Flash FLV video--the content of most streaming video sites on the web--you need to load a special codec into the QuickTime engine which controls the video content of PowerPoint Mac.

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You can do this by installing the software Perian Mac. Perian Mac will permit you view FLV movies on a Mac using QuickTime and will permit you to edit those videos if you have the right editor installed on your Mac. Perian Mac also adds capacity to view other kinds of sound and video files on the Mac.

Here are many different online services that will download YouTube and other video content to your computer. Here are just a few:. You generally need to copy and paste the URL for the video into a window. So you will need to access or choose the item first.