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But I find solution, but it is not easy: You must replace this files: The original script always tries to add the target and addTargets complains if the target was already added. Login failure Authentication failure. Actual target name in error replaced with targetname. Additional Notes: Quakie above seemed to think this is a problem, but perhaps the problem Quakie experienced was with the original script head -1 grabbing the first target….

No the software xtendsancli does crash on Sierra in my case. Maybe a Java problem.

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So I will have to go back to EL Capitan. The is a very good Projet out https: I got it working in Sierra by using the v3. This version has Sierra support. Hi All, I downloaded the v3.

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If I look inside log files, I have this in xtendsancli. Connection refused to host: Connection refused at sun. Connection refused at java. But iscsid. After extracting out all the files from the install app I replaced them in their respective locations: But here is the kicker I got the GUI working: To fix this show the package contents and go into the Plugins folder and extract the jdk. You will get an error: You will also find that the iscsid still does not start. This is because the iScsiImpl.

globalSAN iSCSI Initiator

Copy the file from the 3. Your email address will not be published. If you want to use the initiator with non-Drobo iSCSI targets you will have to use the command line interface to configure the target and connect to it. The tool is called xtendsancli. If you can configure the server side there is no difficulty or downside in just using that name and making your iSCSI target look like a Drobo. Can you provide a quick how to pls I have a mac and configured synology to use the configured target name as above, but im not that proficient with executing the correct commands, I think the community might benefit a lot if you can share yr experience thank you.

This is a basic script to connect to your iSCSI-targets: Hello, Does this still works? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Did I skip a groove and miss something? Hi, thanks for the info! Any suggestions in what to change within the script? Hi Guys, Thanks for your nice help. Hello, many thanks to everyone who contributed in this thread.

Login failure Authentication failure Actual target name in error replaced with targetname. Any suggestions? Persistent Targets Choose which targets the initiator should connect to automatically on startup. By using persistent targets you can enable your computer to automatically connect to targets on reboot, without a user login. Asynchronous Logout Asynchronous Logout is a load balancing function used by some iSCSI targets to request Initiators to use a different physical network connection to the storage.

The benefit of Xtarget is that it enables you to quickly create a SAN using components you already own, thus saving time and money yet still getting the performance and workflow benefits of a typical SAN. Click on it and then click on the Log On button to initiate your session into the storage. At this point, it will mount on the Desktop provided you have already given it a file system and you will be able to use it as you would any other storage.

globalSAN iSCSI Initiator Features

You can check the box for Peristent if you would like to have the volume always mounted on the system. The LUNs can be accessed by multiple hosts provided that the file system supports that.

globalSAN Initiator Setup

This makes no sense. Please clarify. Any help much appreciated. Previous Previous post: New Utility Scripts.

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