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Multicultural education in a pluralistic society. Tran, A.

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Multidimensional Perspectives Aim High for Success. Presented Keynote speaker at Boeing Aircraft Company. Wichita, KS. Wichita State University Campus Directory Even though I slept on a bunk bed with a thin mattress and had to take five minute cold showers, it was the best trip that I have ever taken and will always have the fondest memories. It provides a healthy environment for them to socialize and stay off the street.

The house that we helped at was a wooden two room house with a dirt floor. The living room was also used as a bedroom and dining room. Their kitchen was separate from the house, a little roofed area in the backyard. I was moved by the simplicity of life, the spirit of the people and their faith in God. It caused me to look back at my life and see how some of my worries are so trivial and superficial. This service program has a 15 year history which began with Newman University alumnus Greg Biltz.

Greg visited Guaymas for the first time while helping a friend deliver supplies. This trip exposed him to the active Franciscan ministry in Guaymas. During this trip, Greg saw the poverty that plagued the city, but also the willingness of people to help each other even when they themselves barely have enough to eat. He was deeply moved to help out the Guaymas community. He was asked by Sister Tarcisia president of Newman in if he would ever be willing to take a group of Newman students to Guaymas and he said he would.

In Greg led the first group of students across to Mexico. Fifteen years later, the trips are still going strong. It is a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience the richness of Mexican culture as well as to gain an awareness of the poverty that exists in this part of Mexico. For more information on this service trip, do not hesitate to call Christina Sample at ext.

I was fortunate to travel to Viterbo, Italy in the summer of where I engaged in the historical, cultural, and linguistic aspects of Italy. Additionally, the surrounding statues of virtuous saints and aroma of exquisite flowers portray a sense of serenity and peace. I highly encourage any pupil while still seeking an education through a university to enhance your culture and embrace a new world by means of studying abroad. Ya-Ya Garden Danna Figure 1: However, I do admit that I cannot recall to the best of my memory its specific meaning. At any rate, this ought to help us in our reflection.

He comes in the flesh Jn 1 as the representative priest, but in His Divine nature offers the most perfect reconciliation ever: Himself to die on the cross. I recall the passage of Matthew 25 concerning the sheep and the goats in the presence of the King. Here, we are challenged to love and serve the Lord by loving and serving the poor, the hungry, those in need.

It is in our neighbors that we see the Lord. Hence, it is in our neighbors that we love and serve the Lord. Christ showed love and service to everyone throughout his public ministry. I propose that even to the civic leaders such as the Pharisees and Romans, whom he harshly criticizes, did Jesus show love and service.

I certainly believe it is a certain blessing that when taught in the light of truth, we are removed from the darkness of ignorance. Likewise Christ does for those who seem against Him. However, He offers us a great example in how to live that peace in the love and service to the Lord through our neighbors. A remarkable thought when thinking about the birth of Christ in terms of the grand scheme of things. But the Mission of Christ ought to not be restricted to the single day celebration of December Imagine the correlation of the three Magi worshiping the Lord as Mary held up her baby Jesus for them.

A God that comes to us humbly in the Flesh as a vulnerable baby does likewise for every Mass that we attend. I think it would be prudent to remember her as we strive to live the standard of Christmas as we just discussed. After all, she was the first to respond to full communion with Christ.

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We ought to look to her as the model. We ought to look to her in prayer, to pray with us and for us. I believe that God gives us Mary to be that true model for us. And so I turn to her in my prayer. Following those, a villa at the beach Up high on a hill that no one can reach In having to maintain these luxuries You will not have enough time for yourself. Working, meeting, important conferences Day by day, time will keep flying away. Until the day your hair will turn to gray.

When everything will become untouchable, When one day you will lie down and nothing around, you will be all alone, nothing in mind. All the luxury you will leave behind. Growing both in mental and physical THe level of education will gain. But soon, you realize about everything Stuff you learned, and things you gathered Everything will be useful for you To get ready for the real life.

I live my life and enjoy it every single minutes. These two poems is truly what i think so give me some thought about this. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. HOA K. The way you make me laugh when I don't even want to smile 9. You like shopping, watching chick flicks, and salad just as much as I do 8.

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You're the boy version of me I am the man version of you. You see the beauty in my imperfections; even my chub chub, you even think my stupidity is cute 6.

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  • How I can tell you anything and everything even if its something gross 5. You treat me like the princess I so am 4. The way you kiss me all over my face 3. How you manage to give me butterflies each and everytime I see you 2. I am madly deeply in love, helplessly and unconditionally; and I never thought anyone could love me like you do. I could go on to a milliontrillioninifityplusone but i'm not going to make other girls jealous because they can't have you, its not fair. It's nearly two in the morning and i am wide awake.

    So the last month has been chaotic but i wouldn't have it any other way. True love does exists, it just takes time, effort and compromise. I am doing great now and i want to thank everyone who has put up with my endless nights of venting. And all the tears i cry No matter how i try, They'll never bring u home to me Won't u wait for me in heaven? Do u remember how it was? When we never seemed to care, The days went by so quickly, 'Cause i thought u'd always be there And its hard to let u go, Thought i kno that i must try I feel like i've been cheated, 'Cause we never said g'bye Will u wait for me?

    I believe it Can this be? Love comes and goes my heart does agree starting over like a baby rose. Feeling really ill most of the time. Butterflies flapping in my stomach love cant be a crime trying to finda a way to cure this ache finding something that will kepp my mind off it but it doesnt help as much. Wanting this to go bit by bit just need many touches. Looking into your eyes just makes me melt inside.

    Emotionally weak trying to raise from the weakness, my eyes are drying from the tears I cried.

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    What had caught me was your uniqueness. Loving and caring can also explain you in many ways, Praying for you everyday and night. Counting the days when i will see you again. I love you. I believe that if you love someone you will do anything to make the other person happy even if it hurts you to death.

    You would sacrifice many things for the other person and therefore you can't be selfish. I just got over a relationship whom I thought would want my life and looking forward into the future with him but things didn't go the way we planned.

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    So we ended. If it loves you, it'll come back to you. It's a risk I have to take in order to understand fate. Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart. Someone out there Is meant to be the love of your life Your best friend. Your soulmate The one you can tell your dreams to He'll smile at you when you tell him, but he'll never laugh at your heart He'll brush the hair out of your eyes and send you flowers when you least expect it He'll call you just to tell you goodnight before you get into bed or just because he's thinking about you He'll be bursting to talk to you each morning just to hear the sound of your voice He'll look into your eyes and tell you you're the most beautiful girl he's ever seen and for the first time in your life, you'll believe it Someone out there Is meant to be the love of your life Your best friend.

    Your soulmate. Bring Vietnam to the world I realize that. Casablanca Mekong Bluesman Hongkong , fr: Tho lamhoc It will be the hardest yet. Great to see you online again! I was about to ask if you are well.: Je suis content de voir qu'il y a un article sur Nightwish dans le wikipedia Vietnamien!: Toi vui thay co mot article ve Nightwish trong Wikipedia Viet Nam! Allow me to join the chorus in welcoming you back! I was saving this for another admin, but you can have some too:.

    Thaisk I'm not that good at writing or translating policy articles or anything too formal , so I've generally stayed away from the Wikipedia namespace lately. But if you want to put forward a policy on it and present it to the community, feel free. I would advise you, though, that NOR is a hairy issue: V policies at the English Wikipedia, there are always gray areas, and you do lose out on very useful information in enforcing these policies. Some contributions on African oral history come to mind, but I'm too tired right now to find it.

    Verifiability in particular is a common topic at the English Wikipedia mailing list, generating, at times, a few heated discussions a week. I don't think we have enough disgruntled contributors for that to happen, but we want to be careful to explain why we can't except someone's contributions rather than just pointing them to a policy page. Jimmy Wales has stated that NOR was devised as a way to prevent an overwhelming influx of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. As a policy, though, it has to be enforced on any kind of information.

    Tổng Bí thư, Chủ tịch nước gửi thư tay chúc Tết cô giáo cũ

    Whatever policy we end up with, I just noticed that we need to do something about that red link to Wikipedia: That's really embarrassing. Should we link to Wikipedia: V page for that? Tuan anh. Pivoine Store. Goodbye Goodbye Miss you! Facebook is wrong now Facebook is wrong now. It's been more than 20 years already my baby brother.

    To me you always have been, always are, and will be my best brother that I could ever had. Love you boiiiii. Milk tea: Checking out coffee shops on an old apartment balcony is always a right thing to do in Saigon Checking out coffee shops on an old apartment balcony is always a right thing to do in Saigon. It brings out the unexpected as we sit on the balcony sipping Saigon Special and talk old stuffs TNP Photo: Dear friends, My Linh is by far one of the few talented young people I know that dares to pursue her Dear friends, My Linh is by far one of the few talented young people I know that dares to pursue her own dream and passion with film.

    Please take a minute and check out her Kickstarter project for her new upcoming short. Just donated, good luck em.

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    Wish my friends and your families all the best, peace and great health to achieve all your goals this New Year. Step 1: Step 2: Long Life Riverside Hotel and Spa. Anh Anh BeTogetherForever LoveDiary.

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    LOVE U Thank You Dzung Canh Nguyen! Ur aightttttttt Bro muonmaushowbiz vtv sonymusic pbnation. Vui vui Tour du lich Nha Trang Da Lat 4 ngay.