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Note that the Ptolemy II Web Start applications may be signed with a certificate that is not registered with a certificate authority, so you may be prompted with a window stating that the certificate from Claudius Ptolemaus is unknown. To view them, use the Java Control Panel. The Java Control Panel with start up. Mac OS X: Click on the General Tab.

Java Web Start Troubleshooting

At the bottom, under "Temporary Internet Files", click on the View button. The Java Web Start applications that have been downloaded will be visible. In the default, if you run the Web Start enabled application twice, a window will pop up asking you if you would like to install an icon for the application in your Start menu and on the desktop. You can configure Web Start to always install application icons or to never install them.

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Console Output: This can be very useful if the application is crashing and the Java Console window is closed before you can read it. It is unclear when updating occurs, but one way to trigger the update is to go back to the website where you initially downloaded the application and redownload it.

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In theory, only the changed jar files will be pulled over. Troubleshooting Web Start Help while installing: Help while running: Limitations while running Setting up Console Output Help for developers: Every time you start the application, the Java Web Start software component checks the application's website to see if a new version is available, and if so, automatically downloads and launches it. If you use an application frequently, you can create a shortcut on your desktop or in the Start Menu.

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Java Web Start may ask if you would like to create shortcuts or an entry in the Start Menu. If you reply Yes, all future launches of the application can start without a browser. The Cache viewer enables you to directly launch applications that you have downloaded.

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Thank you. Derek Slife Emmanuel Bourg Emmanuel Bourg 7, 2 36 See the note at the bottom of this page: Also note that XIP isn't supported for non-Apple developers anymore: Thanks, I've eventually resorted to creating a proper app bundle that invokes javaws https: If the jnlp file can no longer be executed automatically upon download there is no point keeping it, even if it's zipped with its code signing attributes. An app bundle has some benefits over the zipped jnlp: Was this answered after 3 years?


I wanted to confirm that this change was made in version If this is a trusted application, you may override these settings by updating your system settings as follows: Derek Slife Derek Slife Stan W Stan W 59 2. Thank you for the link, I wasn't aware of the issue with applets. It is possible to bypass it in CpnCrunch CpnCrunch 2, 19 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.