Command prompt tricks for mac

1) Make your Mac talk to you

But what if we want to go someplace else? That's what cd is for. Try entering this command:. Remember, to press enter once you have finished typing. The computer will not reply, but you are now sitting in your Documents directory.

Make Your Mac Say Anything Out Loud (In Siri’s Voice!)

You can test this by running ls again: So where do we go from here? How do we know which of these names are folders that we can go into and which are files that we can't? For that, we need more information from the ls command. Let's give it the -F flag to tell us about files and folders. You will notice that this time, some of the names that the computer returns to you will have a slash after them. These names are folders: You can always cd into a folder by running cd with the folder name as an argument, as long as you can see that folder with ls -F. When you're done looking in folders, it's time to go back up.

But how? Luckily, every folder contains a hidden link back up.

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To see these hidden links, we will use the -a flag for ls to see all. There are at least two hidden links in every folder. In fact, you can give the ls command multiple flags, like so:. If you run this command, you will notice that the.

macOS Terminal: Have fun with Mac’s least-known program

To go back up a folder, you can always run:. Remember that if you ever get lost in the computer, you can run pwd to see where you are. Computer programmers are lazy. Because they are lazy, they invented some techniques to do more with less work.

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Here are some of those techniques:. Whenever you need to type out a location in an argument for example, in the cd command , you don't have to type out the whole thing: Once you've typed three or four letters, press the tab key, and the command line will fill in the rest for you!

Text Command Line Bash Shortcuts

For example, if you are in your home directory, and you type cd Desk and then press the tab key, the command line will automatically complete the command to read cd Desktop! You can also use this if you find yourself mistyping folder names: The command line has a few shortcuts built in.

For example, to see your previously typed command, just press the up button. You can do this to submit the same command multiple times, or to edit a command that you didn't type in quite right. Another shortcut: Remember, when you use the command line, the computer will cheerfully do anything it can for you. If you ask it to do something bad, it will try to do so.

Some people take advantage of this fact by telling novice command line users to run commands that do nasty things to your computer. Here are a few to watch out for. Never run any of these commands! They can and will destroy your computer! Funny Mac terminal commands are many. This is a classic Easter egg type of joke macOS developers are famous for.

When you're feeling stressful, talking to friendly chatbot will at least make you smile. Strangely enough, this therapy may be actually working because you are asked to verbalize your emotions, by giving them a closer look. And the psychiatrists the real ones will confirm that sometimes it works. Press Esc, then x, and finally type doctor. A clever addition if you normally work with the music on the background. If you fell in love with a particular track from your playlist you don't need to open iTunes to find out the artist's name.

How To Open Command Prompt (CMD) on Apple Mac OS X [HD][Guide][Tutorial] 2017

It will pop up on your Mac Dock from now on. Though a bit strange this feature isn't included by default because it's really a timesaver. This is another retro cool feature to cheer you up once in a while.

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You can play Tetris, Pong, Snake and a dozen of other arcade games. Once you have unlocked these nice hidden toys, you'll surely get to love your Mac more. Prepare to use your arrow keys. Press Enter to open it up, press Esc then x. Now you have to type the name of the particular game and that's it. Game names: What you learn from using Mac Terminal commands is that nothing is really impossible if you're on a Mac.

Well, look no further. Emacs also hides a virtual psychologist. As a final note, I think I should mention that I tried these fun things on my Mac. Do you know any other fun but simple things that you can do with the Terminal? Or can you help with some of the unknown games above? Share your knowledge using the comments section below. Explore more about: Star Wars , Tetris. Your email address will not be published.

Amazing article - learnt a lot here. Just the one thing, I'm not abel tot use the 'doctor' function and it's really bugging me! Just to recap on that one and check I've got the process correct , it's: Solitaire for instants i have figure out how to jump left and right but i can't seem to find how to jump up and down.

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